Lifetime Receiver H. Thomas Moran II, Receiver of LifeTime Capital, Inc.


Welcome to the website of H. Thomas Moran II, Receiver of LifeTime Capital, Inc. The primary purpose of this website is to keep the investors of LifeTime Capital, Inc. informed of the actions of the Receiver and informed of current events.


There have been a few calls from investors about the current status of the Receivership.  The majority of the receiver’s tasks have been completed and the vast majority of the funds available for return to investors were distributed in earlier years.  The receiver and the court are anxious to bring closure to the receivership.  However, there remain a small number of legal issues that require continued attention.  Although it is the receiver’s hope that there will be a resolution to some if not all of those legal issues in the near future, the receivership can only be concluded when these legal issues are resolved.  Please be assured that when there is substantive news to report it will be posted on the website and/or you will be notified.

Please continue to check this site periodically for updates.

Appointment of Receiver

H. Thomas Moran, II was appointed Receiver of LifeTime Capital, Inc. February 20, 2004, by Order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Western Division, in Dayton, Ohio.

Receiver Defined

Simply described, a Receiver is a person legally appointed to receive and have charge of property or money involved in a lawsuit (Webster's New Explorer Dictionary).