H.Thomas Moran II, Receiver

Receiver of Lifetime Capital, Inc.

April 08 2005


The Examiner has submitted an application for payment of fees in the amount of $18,942.50 and costs in the amount of $2,930.48. These fees and costs concern the period of November, 2004 through February, 2005.

During this period, the Examiner consulted with counsel for the Receiver on a number of occasions; had extensive communications with investors via telephone, letter and e-mail; continued to review correspondence and pleadings related to the subject case; conducted research, attended a show cause hearing and prepared and filed various pleadings relative to the Ernest Bustos matter; reviewed, organized and filed objections related to the Receiver’s Motion to pool the two matured Prudential policies (the “Jordan policies”); attended a hearing relative to Motion to pool the Jordan policies; continued to work on matters related to Sterling Trust; attended the deposition of Edmund Pearson and reviewed the criminal indictment of Pearson; and posted updates on the Receiver’s web site.

The costs are primarily related to travel expenses related to Sterling Trust, professional fees incurred by the Examiner for service of process and court reporters, computer research related to litigation and postage expense incurred in providing copies of objections regarding pooling the matured Jordan policies to investors.

To view the application for payment of fees, please see Court Orders & Filings.