H.Thomas Moran II, Receiver

Receiver of Lifetime Capital, Inc.

June 17 2005


Dear LifeTime Investor,

Several of you have contacted my office recently with comments regarding the website. It has been and continues to be my goal that this website be updated frequently. New systems have been initiated and you should begin to see more frequent updates to the website. I hope this is helpful.

RE: United States v. Svete, et all

USDC Case Number: 3:04cr10/MCR

The Sentencing Hearing for Mr. Svete and Mr. Girardot is scheduled to begin at 9 am on June 23, 2005. Of the Victim Impact Statements sent to each investor, my office received approximately 330 complete Statements. I have read and reread every single one of your statements. With the comments and information from these Statements, I will testify at the Sentencing hearing as to the pain, hardship and anxiety created by the defendant’s actions. In addition, I will share the many opinions you offered regarding the punishment these gentleman should receive. The examiner also received approximately 40 Statements.

As soon as we learn of the sentence, we will post the information on the website and update the pre-recorded telephone message.


Of the many responsibilities of this Receivership the most crucial is continuing to pay the premiums on the policies. To date, funds to pay premiums and receivership expenses have come from loans and policy maturities. We continue to work diligently in our efforts to obtain long-term financing for the premiums and expenses of the Receivership. As soon as we have more information regarding this we will update you.

Claims Process

If you have not returned a Claims packet to this office, please do so as soon as possible. It is very important that you participate in this process. If you have questions regarding the completion of these forms, or need another packet, please call the Receiverís office at 405-607-2722.

Updated FAQ

A new set of frequently asked questions is being drafted to post on the website. It should be posted in the next couple of weeks.

The purpose of this website is to enable me to communicate with you as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. If you have a question for which you do not find an answer on this website, please feel free to send us your questions and/or suggestions via email to lifetimereceiver@coxinet.net.

Thank you for continuing to check this website for information.

With Best Regards,

H. Thomas Moran II, Receiver